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Hungary: First Impressions

Prior to this trip, my most anticipated country to visit was Hungary.  It has always been a place that I’ve wanted to visit and seeing as how much I loved Austria, I figured that I’d probably love its neighbour just as much.  I arrived by train and was pleasantly surprised that the international train from Slovakia was quite nice and offered very good wifi on board. Upon seeing my Rail Pass, one of the staff members automatically brought me a bottle of water and although this is supposed to happen on all international legs with a Rail Pass, this was actually the first time it did.  

A week before my arrival into Hungary, I had met a girl in the Czech Republic who is currently living in Hungary and we were talking about how disappointingly dirty the Czech Republic was. She mentioned that she found Hungary to be the same, but I beg to differ as I didn’t find it that dirty at all.  Or perhaps my expectations were already lowered and I came into the country expecting to find the same smells and garbage I saw all over the Prague, which wasn’t the case at all.

Hungary was the only country that didn’t rain on me, which meant that I was able to spend 2 beautiful days there enjoying everything Budapest had to offer.  I did find that Hungarians in general didn’t speak English as well as some of their neighbours from surrounding countries but it was still relatively easy to get by. 

All in all, Hungary provided a fantastic first impression and the 2 days I had there were enough for me to know that I will need to go back again someday.

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